Paris Quiz: Answers

1(c) This explains why Parisian women always look fantastic, because who could resist ten storeys of shoes, bags, jewellery and makeup? And frankly why should women have to? People’s jobs depend on their spending.

2(b) Josephine was amazing! Not only did she amass an enormous wardrobe, she bought crowns and houses and all sorts of fantastic stuff, and only ever admitted to half of her debts. She was a true inspiration. You should read her biography. (And she had affairs. Not that that was amazing or anything, you should just know).

3(a) What a grim job! She even took wax impressions of decapitated heads of people she had known. Imagine it! Eeek … Mind you, if you hadn’t actually liked the person … No! No! … It would be awful under any circumstances.

4(c) Although maybe Simon will consider breaking into film one day …

5(c) This is a simplistic yet effective solution to an inner-city parking problem. I can’t help but wonder why the Mayor of London hasn’t had posters or something printed to suggest we do the same. You leave your handbrake off so that the driver of the car you have blocked in can shunt you out of the way. Someone will show you how to do the ‘shunting’ – it’s easy.

6(a) Twelve, and unfortunately they all look the same, which is probably why drivers occasionally reverse on the roundabout if they miss their turning. Not that I’ve done it.

7(b) Which is rather disappointing because any of the other two answers would have been better. It’s not as though you would say ‘Oh! I bought a skirt on The Place of the Blessed Dead,’ is it?

8(b) The Boulevard Peripherique is a dual carriageway ring road, the Parisian equivalent of the M25. Why can’t we give our motorways fabulous names like that?

9(a) And the designer Frederic Bartholdi moulded the face on his mother Charlotte, which surely makes him the mummy’s boy of all time.

10(b) I can’t help but think life dealt her a bad hand somewhere along the line. She would have been better off staying in Paris, and not coming back to the UK to go to prison and have her head chopped off.

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