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About Molly

Molly HopkinsMy name is Molly Hopkins, aka Lynette Hopkins, nee Lynette Moffat. I grew up in East Kilbride near Glasgow, and would have stayed there if it hadn’t been so cold. I now live in Middlesex where it’s much much warmer.

OK. I’m normal, in fact here is where I may well let myself down.

I join Weight Watchers in January, I go for two weeks and then I never go back. Even though I make a big show-offy deal about joining to my neighbor, and have the cheek to lecture her for not joining with me.

I go for a gym induction (also in January), and know perfectly well that I won’t be joining.

I make all sorts of New Year Resolutions and talk myself out of every single one of them.

I love celebrating. I would celebrate the opening of an envelope (so would my sister).

I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of everyone else’s business. If you could accuse me of having one hobby, it would be data-sourcing everything and anything that had nothing to do with me.

I would have my grey roots done if I were waiting my turn on the gallows. My hairdresser never goes on holiday without checking the dates with me.

I make up hobbies, if asked. But the truth is I don’t have any.

I love writing because I can do it in bed. There are not many professions offering that concession, so I’m very lucky.

About Molly’s Writing

I wrote It Happened in Paris over a period of two years. Initially it began as a hobby and as an excuse not to clean the house or go to the gym. How could I possibly change beds, hoover or do sit-ups if I was writing? I couldn’t could I?

My inspiration was borne from my time on the European coach circuit as a Tour Guide. It tweaked my mind that perhaps I should have kept a diary, and so I set about spring-cleaning the corridors of my mind. Fortunately embroidering the truth and exaggerating when lying have long been two attributes of mine. Essential qualities when you sit down to write something hugely biographical. And the more of the truth I embroidered the better I got at it. My storylines multiplied, and my memories became more and more fragrant and raunchy. I know! I know!

I’m now at the point where I can’t actually remember what I did and what I’ve made up. Still, who cares so long as it makes good reading?

When I finished I printed my manuscript off and gave copies to several family members. Feedback was instant and glowing. But you can’t really trust your family, can you? They have all sorts of things to consider before they tell you that your book is rubbish. For example, will you ever lend them money, give them lifts, or buy them a decent birthday present again? And the truth is, no you won’t! And why should you, if they don’t like your book? And so I took my manuscript to my office for some honest opinions. My colleagues loved it and gave me the encouragement I needed to push forward and set on the long path towards seeking a publishing deal. (And let me tell you, a seat on the next space shuttle is easier to come by than a publishing contract. I am VERY grateful to everyone at Sphere for taking a chance on me).

My aim was to create a likeable, if not perfect, bank of characters, and set them against an ever-changing backdrop of fabulous destinations. I think and hope I’ve managed to do that and that you will enjoy your time with them. So much so that you’ll stay with me through the series and look forward to It Happened in Venice, which is now complete and due for publication in July 2012.

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Please see the contact details page of the site for information on how to get in touch with Molly or her representatives.

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