May 13th, 2013

The Sunlounger anthology,  publishing July 1st  is this summer’s must read.

Thirty authors have contributed a short story to what is going to be the Crème de la Kindle, ( I made that saying up
myself).  Each story will be set in a different exotic location; it’s an Around the World trip in the flick of a download. There can be no preferred scenario to taking yourself off to Hong Kong in the morning, Egypt at lunch time, spending the early evening in Dubai and going to New York for dinner.  It’s the perfect beach read, or commute read, or sitting in the doctor’s surgery read for that matter.

And so who has contributed to this work of literary genius I hear you ask. Well the fabulous and talented Belinda Jones
for a start, (she had to contribute because the whole concept was her brilliant idea). And then there is Chrissie Manby,  Lucy Lord, Kate Harrison and Victoria Fox to name but a few.  Oh, and me!

I’ve set my ‘Sunlounger’ story against the glistening backdrop of the sun kissed Greek island of Santorini. I visited
Santorini  for research purposes. I know writers always say that for tax reasons, this is our little scam to swindle the Government. But I really did go for research purposes. I went with my sister, daughter and two nieces. We always travel en-mass, because our kids are terrible free-loaders, I suspect they always will be. I’ve never seen the inside of my daughters purse, and she’s nearly twenty. (That’s quite an achievement to shirk on buying a drink for twenty years).  I booked us into a two star hotel, (my sister moaned that the hotel looked like a World War II bomb shelter. I couldn’t deny her observation).  I had wanted to absorb the primitive traditions of the island, without the frills of five star luxury. I had been adamant, after all that was why we were there. But it only took me one night to absorb the island’s primitive traditions. (It would have been really clever of the hotel manager if he could have remembered the Wi-Fi Code and a shower curtain would’ve been nice. And  I got an electric shock from the toaster at breakfast which brought on a minor cardiac arrest).

‘Buy a bloody guide book if you want a cultural experience,’ my daughter helpfully suggested, ‘just get us out of this
hotel before we contract the latest global epidemic.’ She’d added holding a paper mask over her nose.

‘The spider in my bath has eyebrows and a moustache. It’s bloody enormous, I’m not staying here.’ My niece stated firmly.

We checked out and trooped into a four star hotel on the beachfront and had a fabulous holiday.  We loved it. And so
when Belinda asked me to contribute a travel related story I knew exactly where I wanted to take my characters . . . to the hazy blue Aegean and the beautiful island of Santorini.

So come with all the ‘Sunlounger’ authors this summer, between us we will take you where ever it is that you have always
wanted to go.

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Posted in: From the Author by Molly Hopkins on May 13th, 2013

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  1. On May 20th, 2013 at 7:57 am, Patricia Callaghan said:

    Hi, looking forward to reading this book, I have been to Santorini I absolutely loved it. Just love Greece anyway, carn’t wait x

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