Saucy and Sexy It Happened in Venice

September 3rd, 2012

Venice, the stunning capital of the Veneto region in northeast Italy comprises a twist and turn of canals that separate a huddle of 118 islands that are linked by a network of pale gold and flesh tinted bridges. The city is a pictographic cluster of apricot and vanilla coloured Renaissance buildings decorated with vibrant clumps of flowers cascading from window boxes.

It is a fizzing cosmopolitan hub with chic cafes and restaurants, fabulous designer stores and a daily multinational drove of keyed up tourists. Add to this a municipality with no shortage, (that I could see), of handsome men who are uniform in-so-much-as we’re talking six foot of sexy gorgeousness, with glossy black hair and dark eyes shaded by thick spikey lashes, (and that was just the water taxi drivers). You can easily lose yourself in time, dining Al Fresco, twiddling strands of hair into matted knots, whilst lustfully people watching. I did. Subsequently, sitting at a café glass in hand, I decided to set the second novel in the IT HAPPENED series against the magical backdrop of Venice.

And so with the shifting image of clear blue skies, toned torsos straining against white shirts and gondolas bobbing on the canal which glittered like a tray of diamonds, I started writing notes. Venice is a sexy city and so IT HAPPENED IN VENICE was going to have sexy characters, and the sexy characters were going to have saucy storylines. And anyway, isn’t romantic comedy all about escapism. You want to read about the things you’d like to experience but don’t have the time or opportunity to carry out.

For instance in real life you don’t often get the chance to have a good old tryst on the rug in the lounge at six o’clock in the evening, do you? And here are a few reasons why not:-

  • The dog watches, happily wagging his tail, because he thinks it’s a game. And he smells. (I hardly saw any dogs in Venice).
  • Your nosey next door neighbor sniffs along your garden perimeter like a blood hound, and she has a cracking view in to your lounge until darkness falls. (There were shutters on the windows in my hotel room).
  • The kids might turn up unexpected even though they swore on your life that they wouldn’t be coming home. (You don’t take the kids with you to Venice).
  • Your sister has a key to your house. (She’s not in Venice either).
  • Your husband might come home from work early and catch you at it . . . (I’m joking, of course).

And I have a sister that has a key to my house, a nosey neighbor, a smelly dog and two kids. And so needs must that I got cracking on IT HAPPENED IN VENICE, because I wouldn’t be having daytime sex any other way than in my own imagination. I was suddenly on fire! And Venice was my inspiration!

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Posted in: From the Author by Carleen Peters on September 3rd, 2012

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