Meet The Family

July 5th, 2012

A few family mug shots. The reason I have one eye closed in the picture with my son Jack , is because my daughter talked me into wearing false eyelashes. This I swear was the first and last time. They kept sticking together, so that I felt as though I had a wasp in my eye. Every time I blinked I saw a big black thundercloud in front of my face.

A happy snap of me with Elise, my daughter. We probably fell out about half an hour later, but at this particular moment in time we are very close.  That said, we had a big blow out last night over a bottle of Malibu.

Me and my sister Pauline. I’m hiding from her at the moment because she’s going on holiday next week. Why does that make any difference, you’re asking yourself ? Well, she’ll come round and steal all my new clothes, and I’ll have nothing to wear until she gets back from her holiday. And so I’m making myself scarce.

I love them all really….



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Posted in: From the Author by Molly Hopkins on July 5th, 2012

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