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My exciting new book is out and live on Amazon now. I love love love it, and so will you.

Here is what you need to know:

Phoebe is convinced that her husband Mark is having an affair. The candid phone calls, recent sex drought and unexplained late nights are proof of it. Phoebe’s friends and family are adamant that she’s wrong because Mark is the epitome of husbandly perfection. But as one damming piece of evidence after the other comes to light Marks duplicity can no longer be rationalized. Phoebe’s sisterhood turn against Mark and vote that Phoebe gets revenge. “It’s your modern day responsibility to get even. It’s your 21st Century right to settle the score. Show Mark what you’re made of and have an affair yourself, it’s a matter of pride and principle.” Insists Phoebes beautiful and ruthless best friend, Lisey.

And so the search begins. It’s simply a matter of Phoebe finding someone to have an affair with. Easy, because there are literally millions of men in London, and Phoebe only needs one. But do two wrongs make a right?


A Sneaky look through the window of ‘What To Do If He’s Having An Affair’